Effective CANDDi Strategy - Tracking prospects using the email plugin


Bob is our Business Development Executive. He attends networking events, works his magic, and exchanges business cards with plenty of prospects.

These prospects:

a) Call him the next day and say "I want to buy" - in which case great, no further action necessary!

b) Don't call him, but when he calls and emails them to follow up, they buy.

c) Are in awareness/interest phase - when he calls they are not ready, and say they are not interested (or not interested yet).



In the first two situations, you're all sorted. Here's how CANDDi can help with Prospect C...


What you will need:

  • Business Development Person
  • Networking event/Demo/Roundtable/Referral
  • Outlook/Gmail with CANDDi Plugin
  • CANDDi Account

Approx Time to See Results:

  • Standard Sale Cycle



Step 1. Cast The Net

Bob follows up with all the contacts he made at the event, using one-to-one emails with interesting links to the website, to get them identified using the CANDDi email tracking plugin. Anyone who clicks through will be identified.

If Bob has installed the plugin himself, those who click through his emails to the website will be auto-assigned to him in the CANDDi Dashboard. Otherwise, they can be manually assigned to him by the CANDDi Key User.


Step 2. Reminder, Reminder

The contacts Bob has made will stay in his "Assigned to Bob" stream, where he can keep an eye on them. He can see in the next few weeks what Prospect C looks at, and can follow up short while after with an informed call. ("Hey, did you know we actually also offer..." "Wow, what a coincidence! I was just thinking yesterday...")

Marketing Tip: Do an export on a stream of prospects to send mailshot updates/news to them.


Step 3. Reel them in!

When Prospect C says they are not interested, what they mean is they are not interested NOW. When the new budget comes in, or they get more time to think about their options, they may be looking again.

Marketing Tip: Send regular email updates (e.g. monthly/quarterly email newsletter). Keep your company's name and offering fresh in prospects' minds, so that when they are thinking about buying, they will come back to your website for a look! 

When the time comes, Prospect C is checking out their options, and visits your website. Because Bob set up realtime trigger alerts on his stream, he is notified when they are on the site! The next day, he gets in touch with an update/offer/coincidental check-in... And the rest is history ;)




If you are interested in more ideas on how to use CANDDi effectively to drive business development, check out our case studies.

P.S. Cross-selling Tip: Does your organisation have potential for cross-selling to existing clients? Bob can tag his prospects as converted when they become clients, and keep monitoring them in his stream, or you can create a new stream which they can filter out into. Be alerted when they come onto the website, or when they visit specific pages of the website, so you can identify cross-selling opportunities! 



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