How to track your Email Campaign


To track your email campaign, you will need to generate a tracked link in CANDDi, and then paste this into your email platform instead of an ordinary link.


Create your tracked link

If we have previously integrated with an email platform, you can find them in your CANDDi Dashboard in the Email Integration Generator.

In the top left of the Dashboard you can find "Identify".

Select "Bulk Email Marketing", and choose your platform from the drop down list.



If you can't see your email platform, don't despair! We need to set it up. Go here to see how, or email


If you find your email platform in the dropdown list you can select it, click YES to Google Analytics (Unless you are using your email platform's default Google Analytics - See NOTE below) and fill in the details as below.

Make sure that you type "email" into the campaign medium box - the others are for your streaming purposes, so you can choose what to put, but make sure there are no spaces! (Use underscore instead)



Once you've generated the code, copy it, and use this as the link in your email campaign. Make sure this code is in every link! (Change the URL inside it if you want the link to go to different pages of your website.)

You can also easily create a stream for visitors coming from this email campaign using the button at the bottom.


Now send a test campaign to your account developer and ask them to make sure it's working!


NOTE: If your email platform uses other google analytics/UTM codes, they will conflict, so turn them off. Alternatively, just use the ones in your email platform, and say no to Google Analytics tracking in CANDDi. Either way, you only want it enabled once!

NOTE: If you use Zoho or Campaign Monitor, sending a "test email" won't work. Please make a new contact list with just your account developers email address and send a full campaign to us.


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