Which Email Platform Should I Use? I don't have "Confirmed Subscribers".


Many of our clients like to use Mailchimp for their email marketing, because it's free (for the basic package), simple and elegant to use - we recommend it for these reasons.


However, some run into difficulties when it comes to their email platform requiring double-opt-in data. This means when somebody subscribes, they not only have to give their email address, but then also receive and click through a verification email. (More info on this, and why it can be a good thing...)


Mailchimp and other US platforms often require this kind of double-confirmed contact list, because the rules on email campaign subscriptions are more stringent in the US.


If this is a problem for you (for example, you have a list of clients who you know would be very happy to receive your emails, but the data was not collected through a double-opt-in process) it is worth checking out some awesome UK email platforms too, such as Eshot (who we use and love for our own email marketing :D).


UK platforms tend not to be so religious about double-opt-in, so as long as your contacts are happy to receive your emails, you'll be fine. They can also be very inexpensive, simple to use, and get excellent results!


If you want any more recommendations of platforms our clients use and enjoy, or you want to recommend one that you think is awesome, please get in touch.


Email help@canddi.com or call us 0161 414 1080 :)

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