CANDDi Outlook Plugin Not Working (Safe Mode)?


One reason why the CANDDi Outlook Plugin may not show as working properly is when you are running Outlook in "Safe Mode".

What is Safe Mode?

When something isn't working right with Outlook, an IT Processional will often tell users to start Outlook in Safe Mode or use the safe switch. This loads Outlook without many of the customisation files and add-ins loaded. If Outlook works correctly in Safe mode, the problem is with one of your add-ins or customisation files. The CANDDi Plugin is such an Add-In and this could be why it is not working.

Why am I still in Safe Mode?

Again, an IT Professional may have placed the Outlook icon on your desktop, designed to start up in Safe Mode every time. If you load up Outlook and at the top of the window (in the bar) it says "Outlook - Safe Mode", you need to close Outlook and re-open it from the Microsoft menu within the Microsoft Windows Start button. You may now wish to set-up a new Desktop Short-cut to ensure it no longer opens in Safe Mode.

If the Outlook Plugin is still installed, when you open Outlook (outside of safe mode) and start a New Email, the CANDDi Outlook Add-In icon at the top of the message menu should appear and show as "Disabled". This is perfectly normal. Once you have typed in the recipient's email address and move into the body of the email to type your message, the CANDDi Add-In Icon will change to "CANDDi Enabled". If the CANDDi Icon does not appear, you are likely to have un-installed the Plugin at an earlier stage and need to re-install it. Please contact CANDDi Help Desk or your CANDDi Account Developer for further support if required.

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