Registry settings to configure the Plugin



When installing the CANDDi plugin using Group Policy the following registry settings can be configured remotely.

These all live under the



Key Name Type  Notes Default Value 
 AttributeList  CSV  A list of querystring attributes to clear before adding tracking.  ce,ce_b4,cas,cas_b4,cfn,cln,cc,cn
Campaign   String  The campaign parameter. (utm_campaign)  
DebugMode   True/False  Turns debug mode on/off.  False
Enabled   True/False  Turns tracking on/off.  True
 IsIncludeList  True/False  Determines the mode in which to use UrlList. (False = blacklist - DONT track these urls). (True = whitelist - ONLY track these urls)  False
 Medium  String  The medium parameter. (utm_medium)  Email
 OverrideSenderAddress  True/False  Turns from address override on/off  False
 SenderAddress  String  The address to use with from address override. (  
 Source  String  The source parameter. (utm_source)  Outlook
 UrlList  CSV  A list of URL to use when including/excluding. (, etc...  
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