Tagging Dashboard (How to change/edit tags)


Using the new Tagging Dashboard, you can manage all the tags used in your account.  To get to the "tag management" dashboard you need to select the settings tab on the main menu and click "tag management" from the drop down list (see image below).


You can set tags to expire after a certain period of time, change what colour represents a particular tag, and much more! Take Tour



For each tag, you can see:

The name of the tag

The colour which will be shown on a contact with this tag

The colour “priority” of this tag - a contact will show up the colour of its highest priority tag (any additional tag colours are shown underneath on the card view)


As Well As:

How long this tag will apply to a contact before expiring

What pages will apply this tag to a contact when visited

(You can also add and delete tags here)



For example:

Here I have created a tag called hot prospect, with a red colour and the highest priority (because I want to see this over any other tag). This tag will be applied to a visitor whenever they visit any page on the site and expire (disappear) after 24 hours.

I can make a stream based on this tag - so I can see only the prospects who are really hot to contact!

For more information on tags or using the tagging dashboard, feel free to contact us on 0161 414 1080, or help@canddi.com!

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