Use CANDDi.Download to host and track files instead of sending attachments!


If you send files as attachments, you:

a) risk your email being treated as spam

b) don't know whether the person you sent it to has read it or not

c) miss an opportunity to get the prospect/client identified in the dashboard so you can see what they're up to.

Using CANDDi.Download, you can send a tracked link to your document instead, and then see when your prospect clicks to view your doc (and whatever else they've done on your site!)


Follow these simple steps:

1) Go to, or open it from inside your CANDDi dashboard.


2) Upload your file to CANDDi.Download by dragging and dropping it onto the window (request access from your Account Developer if you don't already have a login)

3) Use the "copy"() button to copy the link to your doc generated from upload


Now you can send this link in an email tracked by your Outlook/Gmail plugin, or in a tracked email campaign!


When your prospect/client opens the link, their file will be downloaded automatically, and they will see a blank page with your logo on. If you upload as PDF, they will be able to view in the browser.



If you upload the same filename again, it will replace the old one - so don't keep changing your file and re-uploading it for different clients, save a version for each client and upload these!

See all the links generated by your team at the bottom of the screen...

...copy the links using the copy button...

...test the link using the little "eye" button.

Let us know how you're finding it! Email or call 0161 414 1080.


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