Bad formatting in links / pictures from Signatures


Images in the Outlook signature can cause bad formatting problems (where the CANDDi tracking is visible in the body of the email - see picture)

This is often caused by the images not having alt attributes set and Outlook inserting badly formatted text by default.


[This is very similar to]



The solution here is to manually edit the html within the signature

To do this:

1. Access the Signatures folder, hold the CTRL button when clicking on the Signatures… button in Outlook's option dialog.

Hold CTRL and click on the Signatures button to open the Signatures folder

2. In this folder you'll find a txt-file named after your signature. You can now easily edit this file in Notepad.


3. Search for the tag img 


4. Each time you find an image then add alt="" after the img tag


5. After you're done, save this file; and restart Outlook


Send a test email to CANDDi and we'll verify all is working correctly

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