How do I track my email signature?


Your email signature probably has a website link, social media links and more in it. 

If you want to see the people who are clicking through and engaging with your website/social media, you can!


Track your website links

You should install the CANDDi email plugin, which will automatically track all links to your website in your email - providing you haven't sent to multiple recipients... So don't cc people into your emails, where possible!


Track your social links

You can use to track your social links or other third-party site links (like news or partners).

You can also send links to any documents you want to share, instead of attaching them!


Use CANDDi email signature generator

You can use our CANDDi email signature generator as well. Here is the how and here is the why.


Remember to also send interesting links in the body of the email to encourage people to click through and be identified!


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