Help! I can't login to my account.


If you are experiencing issues logging in please simply follow the steps below and this should allow you access.

Step 1:

Go to and click 'Not your account'

Step 2:

Enter your email address and click 'Don't remember your password?'

Step 3:

When presented with your email address press the orange button for a reset password link to be sent to your email address.

After pressing the button it will now say "We've just sent you an email to reset your password"


Step 4:

Check your email & click on reset password


Step 5:

Enter your new password details and press the orange button to submit.


You should now be able to login.



Step 6: 

Return to and login as normal with your new password.


If you are still experiencing issues with logging in please contact support on or call 0161 414 1080.


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