Using CANDDi.Download to send email attachments


When you wish to send an email attachment CANDDi.Download allows you to send the attachment to a download link instead.

This not only means you get all the valuable information on the recipients engagement but also makes the email more likely to be delivered as spam filters are wary of traditional attachments!

To use CANDDi.Download follow the below steps:

Go to CANDDi.Download, or open from the ‘Identify’ tab from within the dashboard (you may need to login!).


Upload the file you wish to send into CANDDi.Download by dragging and dropping it into the upload area, this will generate a link.

The wording after the ‘/’ will be what your file was called.

You can now copy and paste this link into the body of your email (or hide the link behind a “click here” hyperlink).

Or if you send it in email campaign, you will need to generate a tracking code for it as you usually would for any other link. (Here is how)

You'll be able to see all the files and links uploaded by yourself and your colleagues on in a list preview.


Useful Tips:

  • The section after the “/” in the link will be what your uploaded file is called.
  • If you upload the same filename again it will replace the original. So don't keep changing your file and re-uploading it. Simply upload a version for each client and save it under different names.
  • You can copy the link by pressing the button.
  • You can preview the link by pressing the  button.
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