What is CANDDi.Automation?





CANDDi Automation is our in house CRM integration product. With the use of Automation we can push through the hottest leads and prospects (all decided by you!) into your current CRM.

Automation works by you setting up criteria of potentially interesting activity on your site and the level of information we have on them. This makes sure that the people we then push through to your sales team are only the hottest leads and prospects.



The use of CANDDi Automation removes the need for sales people to login to CANDDi. They will see all the benefits of CANDDi and see all of the useful information, but this will all appear in a system which they already use and trust. 

During the set up you are able to decide what information is most valuable for yourselves and we will be able to make sure that CANDDi.Automation fits perfectly to your needs. In version 1 of Automation we will be releasing fields which from our research with existing clients are the most useful but we are always happy to work with yourselves to make sure you are getting the best data into your CRM.


If you want to get this set up please do contact [email protected] or give us a call on 0161 414 1080 and we are all happy to help!


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