Integrating e-shot with CANDDi


You may use e-shot to send your email campaigns and CANDDi can directly integrate with this platform.

This means we will be able to track your campaigns and identify when a recipient clicks on a link.

To integrate:

1. Log into CANDDi

2. Click on 'Settings'     Screen_Shot_2018-05-30_at_14.38.55.png

3. Click on 'Additional Tracking' underneath 'Integration' Screen_Shot_2018-05-30_at_14.40.24.png

4. You will see e-shot. This will have your API key and slug just underneath.Screen_Shot_2018-05-30_at_14.40.48.png

This is what your account manager from e-shot will need to integrate the account. 

For example, here's what shows in our account:



The slug is: canddihq

The API key is:canddihq|Core|123456789


We are happy to get this integrated for you and speak with e-shot on your behalf.

If you need any help with this, please contact us at or 0161 414 1080 

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